The Labyrinth contains only one wandering monster: the famous Minotaur. The rest of the Wanderers in the Labyrinth are some equally famous Greek gods and goddesses, referred to as Wandering Deities.

If you have met a Wanderer or if you have been told to roll to see if you have, roll 2 dice to see if you have run into the Minotaur. You have met him if you rolled a 2. Go to the paragraph below labelled "The Minotaur". [You can use the Roll 2d6 button on the Labyringth page you were on.]

If the Minotaur does not appear, those of you who have a definite Wanderer will encounter a Wandering Deity. Those of you who don't know yet, roll one die. If it comes up 1 or 6, you have a Wandering Deity to contend with.(If you roll 2 through 5, you meet no one this time.

To determine which Wandering Deity you have met, roll 2 dice and refer to the Wandering Deity list. The total of your dice roll is the number of your deity.

The Minotaur

You have met the famous Minotaur. He has a monster rating of 86 (the wine merchants won't serve him) and attacks immediately. Fortunately, you smelled him coming and are prepared for his attack.

You can click here for an automated fight with the Minotaur

If you kill the Minotaur, you need not roll for him again on this visit to the Labyrinth. After the Minotaur is dead, roll for treasure - and because he was such a famous monster, double the result of the treasure roll and gain 86 additional adventure points.


2. Zeus (the far-seeing, the Father)

Special instructions for female characters:

If your Charisma is higher than your Luck, make your invocation/saving roll. If successful, follow instructions for male characters making unsuccessful invocations. If unsuccessful, and you have no Chastity Charm, you have just been seduced. Roll 2 dice to see if you are pregnant. If you roll anything but a 2, you are not pregnant and Zeus is no longer interested in you. If you rolled a 2, congratulations!! Zeus whisks you out of the Labyrinth to safety, and gives you 1000 GP for you and the child. (Take 1000 EP for the extraordinary situation.) Roll up a new character, a male human warrior to represent your son. His personal attributes will be doubled due to his divine heritage, but he, himself, is mortal. There is a geas upon him to protect his mother at all times and to avenge her death if she is killed.

Male characters must invoke the god. If you are unsuccessful, he fails to notice you and nothing happens. If you are successful and your CHR is 9 or higher, he bestows you a gift of 1 point to the personal attribute of your choice. If your invocation was successful but your CHR is below 9, Zeus gives you a gold piece to go away.

3. Artemis (virgin goddess of the hunt)

Invoke the goddess.

If you are a virgin character and your invocation was unsuccessful, nothing happens. If you are a virgin and made a successful invocation, both males and females may roll for treasure. Virgin females also receive a Chastity Charm which protects them from seduction as long as they keep it continuously in their possession.

If you aren't a virgin and your invocation was successful, nothing happens. If your invocation was unsuccessful, Artemis shoots you with an arrow, and departs. Roll one die to see how many hits you take.

4. Apollo (god of truth and light)

Invoke the god.

If unsuccessful, you are cursed with lies (reduce your LK by half) for as long as you remain in the Labyrinth.

If your invocation was successful, roll 1 die. If you roll 1-5, you receive the gift of prophecy for any one turn (i.e. you may peek once to see what the alternative results of any one decision may be.) If you roll a 6, Apollo gives you a golden lyre (weighs 10). If both your DEX and CHR are above 15, you may play the lyre and use it as a Divine Charm to soothe all berserk beasts and beings.

5. Ares (god of war)

If you have never been seduced by his mistress, Aphrodite, he has a MR of 50 and challenges you to a fight. He tells you straight out that if you refuse, he'll kill you. His gracious loser rating is only 30. (Unlike the Roman concept of Mars, the Greeks thought of their war god as a rather big mean bully. And like most bullies, he quickly loses the desire to fight any fight that he's losing.) If you do beat Ares, he will preserve his image by rewarding you for your valor in arms. If you have taken any hits in this fight, he restores your CON, and he also grants you 5 permanent combat adds.

If you are male and have been favored by Aphrodite's favors, Ares is enraged with jealousy and fights according to berserker rules. In this case, his genuine passion reduces his gracious loser rating to 20. If you beat him here, receive the same gift as above and, in addition, roll for treasure and trade dirty jokes.

6. Athena (goddess of wisdom and sometimes war)

Invoke the goddess.

If you are successful, add 2 (permanent) points to your IQ. If the invocation was unsuccessful, you must fight her. She has a MR of 40 and a gracious loser rating of 15. If you win, double your EP for this encounter.

7. Hermes (messenger, god of commerce and cunning)

Invoke the god.

If the invocation is unsuccessful, the handsome young god has picked your pocket. You lose 30 gold pieces and gain 30 EP.

If the invocation is successful, roll for treasure and split the take with Hermes.

8. Poseidon (god of the sea)

Invoke the god.

If the invocation is successful, Poseidon is pleased to see you. If your Charisma is under 12, he gives you a friendly wave (which doesn't drown you). If your Charisma is 12 or higher, he gives you a Shell-Sea Charm which protects you from drowning.

If the invocation was unsuccessful, Poseidon is displeased to see you and decides to fight you. He has a monster rating of 40, and a gracious loser rating of 10. If you defeat him, roll for treasure.

9. Dionysus (god of the vine)

If you happen to be drunk when you encounter this god, be of good cheer - you are under his protection. Just roll for treasure and stagger right along.

If you are sober, invoke the god. If the invocation is successful, the god offers you a drink. Roll 1 die to see how many drinks you take. More than 3 drinks makes you drunk and you are under the god's protection and may roll for treasure. If the invocation was unsuccessful, you must fight Dionysus. He has a monster rating of 35 and a gracious loser rating of 20. When he gets to his gracious loser rating, he stops fighting and offers you a drink. Roll 1 die to see how many drinks you take. You are tired after combat, and more than 2 drinks makes you drunk, which puts you under the god's protection and lets you roll for treasure.

Everyone, drunk or sober, gets 25 EP for meeting the god. (Being drunk in the Labyrinth will always reduce your CON and DEX by half and raise your LK by 1½ for a period of 4 regular turns or 2 combat turns.)

10. Hera (queen of heaven)

If you have ever been seduced by her husband, Zeus, she zaps you dead. (It doesn't matter that it wasn't your fault, dear. Being a god means you don't have to be unfair unless you feel like it.)

If you have not been seduced by Zeus, invoke the goddess. If you are successful, roll for treasure. If you invocation is unsuccessful, you are disdainfully ignored.

11. Gaea (the earth mother)

If you are stained with the blood of any innocents killed in the Labyrinth, you are instantly whisked to 19G. Otherwise, there is no need to invoke the goddess. All of Earth's children are loved and cared for by the Mother. Add 1 point to your permanent CON.

12. Aphrodite (goddess of love)

Special instructions for male characters: Make an invocation/saving roll based on your Charisma, to see if Aphrodite seduces you. If you are unsuccessful, proceed to the instructions for female characters. (Your male character should not take this as an insult to his manhood, unless his IQ is 8 or less - in which case Aphrodite will reduce his Strength by 1 point and he may leave now.)

If your saving roll was successful, you enjoy the pleasures of the goddess. Now, make 2 separate saving rolls - one on your CON and one on your DEX - to see if you please Aphrodite. If both are successful, she is very pleased and adds 5 points to your Strength, and gives you a chance roll for treasure. If only 1 roll is successful, she is moderately pleased and you may roll for treasure. But if both rolls are unsuccessful, Aphrodite is sorry she messed with you. She tells Ares what you did, and you must now confront that god.

Female characters must invoke the goddess with a regular invocation/saving roll. If you are unsuccessful, the goddess is too busy to bother her pretty head about you, and nothing happens. If you are successful, ad 1 point to your Strength as a gift of the goddess.

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