Wandering Monster Chart

     When you are told to roll for a Wandering Monster, you must roll a six-sided die. If it comes up a 1, you have encountered a Wandering Monster [WM].   
  First d6:     Your WM # is: 
     When facing a WM, roll two dice and consult the table below. All WMs attack immediately, so there is no chance of a first round of missile fire. Combat and attack magic works normally for WMs [Enter MR under Enemy Scores and click "Fight Combat Round"; Check "Auto Update" so Dice and Adds will be adjusted automatically]; do not consult the Magic Matrix.
     If you have determined that you are facing a WM, check to see if it has a treasure (unless the instructions specifically say the creature in question has no loot) by rolling one die.    Result:  
  If you roll a 1 or a 2, the monster has a treasure.
     Roll the die again. If it comes up anything but 1, generate the WM's treasure by using the standard T&T rules. If you roll a 1, however, it means that the WM has a magic treasure. Turn to the Magic Item Chart to see just what treasure the monster has. If it is some sort of weapon or defensive item, the WM will use it in combat if at all possible.

Your opponent is a filthy rat which is roughly the size of a german shepherd. It has a MR of 15, but makes up for his weakness in speed and viciousness. The rat picks one member of the party at randor., to attack. Unless that character can make a L2-SR on DEX, the rat will dodge through his guard and do full damage – the character who was attacked can't produce a combat roll in his defense. The other party members can do direct damage to the rat while it is in its berserk fury; the rat can offer no defense. The rat carries no treasure.

A giant wolf leaps out of nowhere, hoping to surprise you. Unless each party member can make a L2-SR on LK, he does just that, and gets a free combat round against the whole group. If even one of the party members makes the roll, however, consider your party to be on guard. Then, surprise the wolf – he has a mere 20 MR. The wolf has no pockets, and hence no treasure.

A single ugly orc strides forward and demands that you give him all your treasure, weapons, magic items and armor in exchange for your continued existence. If you comply, he makes like a bandit – and you're as naked as the day you were bom. If you don't like his plan, then kill this stupic orc. His MR is 30.

A goblin with cataracts over his eyes and a strange row 5 of spikes running along his spine charges towards you. A scream hangs on his lips, and murder is on his mind. Dispatch the bugger and be done with it – his Monster Rating is 40.

Toward you shambles a horrible heap of decomposing flesh and tattered bandages. This mummy has a MR of 45, and does not like open flames. Show him one and he'll run like the devil – a guy doesn't stay dead as long as this fellow has by getting into fights that are too tough for him.
With a bovine roar, an eight-foot minotaur launches a furious attack against your party. He has a MR of 40 (including axe and horns), and his furry hide will take 5 hits each round [Enter 5 for his Armor].

An enormous cave bear pads toward you upon huge, clawed paws. Madness glows from his eyes, and foam drips from his jowls. With a roar, he is in your midst, striking out furiously with his massive arms. Fight or die - he has a Monster Rating of 65. He has no use for treasure, and so he isn't carrying any.

Before you stands the world-famous Troll With The Roofing Beam, fresh from a long and successful run at the world-famous Dungeon of the Bear and the labyrinth within the castle Overkill. He's a bit tired after being on the road so long. but he's still good for a Monster Rating of 70.

A demented dwarf with a meat-axe drops out of nowhere and attemps to tum your party into cheese. All characters present must make a L2-SR on DEX to react in time to participate in the firstcombat round. If you miss the roll, but liveto see the second round, you can fight normally. Those who make the roll conduct normal combat. The dwarf has a MR of 75; in addition, his axe gets 4 dice in combat.

With a puff of brimstone, a demon materializes before your party. If you agree to sacrifice one of your party members, he'll let the rest of you pass by without a fight. Otherwise, he'll attack and try to sacrifice all of you by himself. He has a Monster Rating of 100, but direct combat magic (Take That You Fiend, BlastingPower, etc.) scores double damage on him.

Your opponent is one of Dargon's favorite pets, a giant serpent common to the jungles of Gull. It intends to make you its dinner. Unless this idea appeals to you, fight the fight of your life. The serpent has a Monster Ratingof 120, and carries no treasure.

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