Magic Matrix Key

When using the Magic Matrix [below], cross-index down from the spell name (at the top of the table) to the paragraph number that sent you here (along the left side) and read your result. Even if a spell does not work, the spellcaster still loses Strength for trying to cast it.

  Your spell takes effect.
  The spell is not logical for this situation, and does not work.
  The spell does not work; no effect.
  The spell worked; go to that paragraph number.
½  Your spell only had half effect.
x2  Your spell took double effect.
#  See the reference below.
[L8]  Level reference. The spell works if you can cast it at the level noted.
1–2  (etc.) Rollone die. The spell works if you roll within this range.

#1.  This makes his form more dense, and raises his dice to lB. His CON is now 150.
#2.  You have made another "mirage" target for each person in the party. Rollrandomly to see what he hits: characters or mirages. If he hits a mirage. it will dis-spell the entire spell.
#3.  He can't see a target. Double the level of his saving roll. If he hits, roll randomly to see who he struck.
#4.  You can only get one of the two boxes in this fashion. Choose which box you're trying for, and go to the appropriate paragraph noted in 4A. If two wizards cast spells to reach both boxes, go to 7A.
#5.  Destroys one totally.
#6.  Go to 35D and leave.
#7.  You found the weapon. Each time you cast this spell, roll for a Wandering Monster. (You can't find a kris this way!)
#8.  Roll ld6. This is how many turns the "oven timer" is set for. Ifyou must (or can) keep recasting it, go ahead. If you're not bubbling nicely when the time expires, you can escape.
#9.  The spell cannot be cast around the person being held. Otherwise, it works normally.
#10.  Your opponent does not need to see you to fight you. The Hidey Hole does you no good, though you've used the Strength to cast it.
#11.  You need not make the indicated saving rolls to pass safely through the situation.
#12.  You'll still need to make the saving roll noted at 358. If you make it, go to 2A. Otherwise, you perish.
#13.  The spell works if you can cast it at the level noted on the matrix. (For instance, "L8" means cast the spell, augmented, at Level 8.) You do not have to be that level character. If you know the basic spell, and have the IQ and DEX for the augmented level, and sufficient ST to cast the spell at that level, you may cast it.
#14.  During the combat turn you spend casting this spell, your opponent(s) get 1 free attack against you (unless you have a companion who is fighting for you both).
#15.  You can bring an unconscious character up the slope through use of this spell, if you can cast it for 2 consecutive turns. You must roll for a Wandering Monster if you rest between castings to regain your Strength.
#16.  The mummy, coins, gems and all sink to the same depth and are now truly entombed together. leave the room emptyhanded – go west to 21E or east to 16A.
#17.  No effect on your opponent. You must make a Ll-SR on LK to avoid breathing it yourself because you're in an enclosed area. If you miss the roll, roll 2 dice and take that many hits directly against your CON (except from paragraph 30E; there you must take the CON damage regardless of SR).
#18.  Halve your opponent's CON or MR.
#19.  You must make a saving roll only every second combat round, instead of every round.
#20.  It will take two Wink-Wings to cover the distance safely, without saving rolls. If you can only cast 1and must dimb the rest of the way, subtract 1 from the level of the SR required to negotiate the slope, to account for travelling the remaining distance. If you rest to regain your Sf before casting the second spell, you must roll for a WM each tum you rest.

Magic Matrix

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