Magic Items Chart

When you must roll for a magic item, roll two six-sided dice [Auto-roller provided below], and read that number on the chart below. No single character may own more than one ot the items below, on pain of swift and permanent death.


A bronzed skullcap with elvish runes (transcribing to "D'Savoc") etched upon it. When worn, this cap will allow a character to understand, speak, or write any language he or she is exposed to. The cap is very fragile, however, and will break easily if struck.

A high-impact helmet with an elaborate face bearing a runic letter "B" upon its sides. This helmet will double its wearer's adds in hand-to-hand combat, but robs him temporarily of his memory. Unless his fellow party members can make a Charisma saving roll at the wearer's level, they will be mistaken for enemies and attacked! Whenever no further combat options present themselves, the helmet can be removed.

An elaborate copper ring, proof against 4 physical hits per combat round.

A small, glowing ring, barely large enough to fit on a finger. When worn, this ring gives a person the ability to levitate fractions of an inch off the surface of the earth below him, which allows him to walk on water, stride over pools of acid, etc.

An elaborate gilded amulet. It is proof against up to 10 hits of magical attack per combat round.

A skull-shaped amulet that will repair hits taken on CON, at the rate of one per (regular) turn.

A pair of winged boots which, when worn by a character with magical abilities, allows the wearer to cast a "FlyMe" spell upon himself at the cost of only 1 ST point. (The wearer can't use the boots if he doesn't know the spell!)

A magical shuriken (1 die) that never misses when thrown with sufficient force to reach its target. This shuriken works for everyone, so if it hits someone and fails to kill him, don't be surprised if it gets thrown back!

A magic sword, with no STor DEXrequirements, worth 6d+6 in combat. This sword will also provide as many hits as it generates as armor against physical attack. (Weight: 50) 11 An indestructible iron spear, worth 5 dice in combat, that rolls berserkly without forcing its wielder to go into the battle rage.

An enchanted war hammer with the word "Moe" etched upon it. Worth 5d+ 1 in combat, it weighs 100 and requires a ST of 17 to wield. The hammer is worth twice its die roll when fighting any troll not armed with a roofing beam.

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