TrollsZine, Issue 1 - FREE! "TrollsZine is a new magazine created by and for fans of Tunnels and Trolls. Issue 1 has all new material and includes a short solo adventure, new magic items, The Troll Chefs Cookbook, original fiction, articles on T&T stunts, the dice issue, running T&T solos with other systems and a number of locations for the busy Games Master to use in their campaign. Ken St. Andre has contributed a piece and there is art by Jeff Freels, ME Volmar, Chad Thorson, Kevin Bracey, Alex Cook and Mike Hill."

Printable Tunnels & Trolls Character Sheet - Courtesy of The Vital Spot.

Tunnels & Trolls Generic Dungeon Generator - Just found this doing some searches. Charts are quite extensive. This generator requires you to roll dice (and allows you to pick and choose which tables you wish to use, which is the advantage of not relying on a program or site completely...), whereas this Tunnels & Trolls dungeon generator is fully automated.

Dargon's Dungeon Dargon's Dungeon
Please let us know if you find any bugs, or believe that something could be improved. Much of the adventure is automated, but you may need to refer to the rules now and then if you are unfamiliar with Tunnels & Trolls. Dargon's Dungeon is unusual in that you may take in up to 3 characters at one time, and it is the first of the solos on this site that uses a Magic Matrix. Of the 3 solos now available on our site, it is probably the best overall. Dargon's Dungeon is for Warriors AND Wizards, and if you are taking in more than 1 character, you may be wise to have at least 1 of each.

Sorcerer Solitaire Sorcerer Solitaire
Please let us know if you find any bugs, or believe that something could be improved. Much of the adventure is automated, but you may need to refer to the rules now and then if you are unfamiliar with Tunnels & Trolls. Sorcerer Solitaire is for Wizard characters only (and is a bit silly ;-).

The Labyrinth Labyrinth
Venture into the Labyrinth! Much of the adventure is automated, but you may need to refer to the rules now and then if you are unfamiliar with Tunnels & Trolls. If you are into Greek Mythology, this adventure should be especially fun. Labyrinth is mapped. In fact doubly so. 2 maps are provided once you are in the dungeon. One is graphical, and shows paragraph numbers that pertain to rooms; the other is more generic, but shows ALL paragraph numbers for the dungeon. If you find yourself going in circles, use the maps! Labyrinth is for Warrior characters only.

fe01_001.jpg Abridged 5th Edition Tunnels & Trolls Rules
The abridged rules are sufficient for the adventures on this site, but you may wish to learn more about Tunnels and Trolls. You can find the full versions (i.e. books) of rules, adventures, and tons of other T&T stuff through Amazon. The 5th Edition rules were in use from about 1979 until 2005; the current "official" rules are 5.5, which is just edition 5.0 with some nice extra stuff added. There is a 6th edition and licensed 7.0 and 7.5 editions as well. If it seems confusing, don't worry: Tunnels & Trolls is one of the simplest gaming systems available, and all editions of the rules have been made backward compatible with the older adventures, which is very nice.

Character Generator (printable)
Some nice A.I. features. You can now have several character profiles saved under one ID (your e-mail address). If you have characters from before they can be added to your new ID. If you forget your password you can get a new one, and you can change your Log-in (email/password) any time. Create a Delver and enter the Labyrinth, Sorcerer Solitaire or Dargon's Dungeon... NOW! NOTE: The Generator was built for online play, but has a "Print Delver" feature that can be used to generate characters very quickly. I have used this to produce over a dozen characters for my own offline use!

Semi-Automated Printable Character Sheet
While this feature does not integrate with our adventures in any way, and our Character Generator (above) has a print feature, this is a nice item, as I think you'll agree. Although made for Tunnels & Trolls, by marking some lines out and changing the words as needed on your printed sheet I'm sure this could be used with many different game systems.

Free downloadable abridged Tunnels & Trolls 5.0 rules and 2 Tunnels & Trolls mini-dungeons
The rules download is 100% free and comes with the Goblin Lake mini-solo plus a short GM dungeon, both by Tunnels & Trolls creator Ken St. Andre. There are additional Tunnels & Trolls solo and GM dungeons, rules and expansions available through this link, and they are cheaper than their paper versions. Some long out-of-print dungeons are available through this link, and a few that have never seen print, so do check it out!.

Please bookmark this page (press CONTROL D on your keyboard). Welcome to the main page of, your source for free solitaire RPG adventures that you can play through online, along with reviews of other dungeons and gaming supplements.

REGARDING THE DUNGEONS AND RULES THAT ARE HOSTED HERE: In early 2/05 I signed a contract with Flying Buffalo Inc., and have obtained exclusive e-rights to the following solo dungeons:

Labyrinth, Solo dungeon 2 for Tunnels and Trolls. See link toward the top of this page!

Dargon's Dungeon (2nd edition), Solo dungeon 5 for Tunnels and Trolls. See link toward the top of this page!

Sorcerer's Solitaire (original Vaning edition, not the one that appears in When the Cat's Away), Solo dungeon 10 for Tunnels and Trolls. See link toward the top of this page!

Non-exclusive abridged version of the Tunnels and Trolls rules. See link toward top of this page!.

Please note that Tunnels and Trolls is a registered trademark of Flying Buffalo Inc., and our use of these dungeons and rules is only through special agreement.

Programmer and long-time Tunnels & Trolls fan Shilo Couvrette has been building and programming portions of this site for the last few months, and is doing an excellent job.

- Bill Bultas, President of, LLC, and RPG fan since around 1980-81 (2nd grade, age 8)

Flying Buffalo Inc. - Highly Recommended. This gaming company has been around since 1970. Flying Buffalo is located in the USA, and sells several Tunnels & Trolls books. Their Nuclear War games (there are 4 of them, plus expansion packs!) are also a blast (pun intended)!

The Hobgoblin's Tavern - Highly Recommended. Andy Holmes, owner of THT, has written many solo and GM dungeons for Tunnels and Trolls, some of which are totally free and can be downloaded from his site and/or printed, and others which he sells through his site and sends to you by mail. Andy's adventures are a blast! I've played through a few of them, and have purchased several through him directly. Andy is located in the UK.

The Vital Spot - Recommended. "Celebrating the glories of Tunnels & Trolls role-playing!" The main page alone is worth the visit ;-) The webmaster, Jason Mills, has been a friend of Andy Holmes of The Hobgoblin's Tavern (see link above) for over 30 years! He is also an author of T&T dungeons, sells them from his site, and you'll also find plenty of free dungeons stuff on his site as well! I own a number of Jason's adventures, and have purchased from him directly. Jason is located in the UK.

Trollhalla - Recommended as a way to keep up with Ken and the goings on in Trollworld. Membership site run by Ken St. Andre, creator of Tunnels and Trolls. Check it out!

Blue Frog Tavern Yahoo! Group - Recommended as a way to keep up with the goings on in Trollworld. Free discussion list run by T&T enthusiasts.

Radio Free Trollworld Yahoo! Group - Recommended as a way to keep up with the goings on in Trollworld. Free discussion list run by T&T enthusiasts.

Buffalo Castle - Recommended. The first known solitaire adventure ever created for Tunnels & Trolls, written by Flying Buffalo, Inc's President, Rick Loomis. Old copies can be purchased individually, Buffalo Castle is also included in its entirety in the 5.5 rules, and additionally there is the free online version. Only 1st level Warriors may enter Buffalo Castle. Buffalo Castle is one of the simplest and most enjoyable solitaires I have ever played. I recommend it highly, especially for beginners. - Bill Bultas

Eye of the Serpent - Mini-solo adventure by Andy Holmes (owner of The Hobgoblin's Tavern) for Tunnels & Trolls, available free online.

Khosht - Mini-solo adventure by Ken St. Andre for Tunnels & Trolls, available free online.

Hela's House of Dark Delights - Solo adventure by Ken St. Andre for Tunnels & Trolls, originally published in Different Worlds Magazine in issue 22, July 1982, and now available free online.

Gristlegrim - Free GM & Solo Dungeons for Tunnels & Trolls.

Automated Random Tunnels & Trolls Dungeon Generator - Quite good! Fully automated! Additional automated random tables and maps by the same author are linked from the Dungeon Generator's page.

Z-Town Double Zombie Solo Adventure - Written by artist Jeff Freels who has illustrated and been otherwise involved with several Tunnels & Trolls products, you get 2 solo adventures for a very low price. Included are stand-alone rules for a simple gaming system you can use to play through the 2 solos. I have enjoyed the solos. Your chances of survival increase greatly once you find a good firearm!

Totally free "old school" Dungeons & Dragons adventures - "Decommissioned" Dungeons & Dragons materials that are totally free (and legal) to download and print!

Swig & Toss (free online game) - Your goal is to win as much gold as possible by wagering on your axe-throwing ability. Downing some Dwarven brew between rounds will increase the amount you can bet, but it may also make your vision a little blurry!

King of the Hill (free online game) - Defend your castle at all costs to stay King of the Hill. Attacks from all sides must be fended off with flaming oil and catapult fire until the timer is up.

Wizard Balls (free online game) - Use magic to break up and destroy the bouncing balls before they crush you. This game gets tough fast!

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